Monday, June 26, 2006

TRENDS | Shock: Flickr isn’t number one, it’s number six!

Bloggers in the Arab World only talk about Flickr, as the main photo sharing site they use. But, that’s not the case around the world. Flickr only has a 5.95% market share among photo sharing sites!

Here are the details, plus a chart of the top 10.


At 12:50 PM , Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

Flicker is a competing technology to Google from their arch rival Yahoo. I wouldn't take everything that TRENDS claim as the bible. Its seriously funny to see people's reactions to anything that Google does. If one day Google introduce Google-fart. People will be raving over it!
Don't get me wrong, I love Google, and wouldn't live a single day without it. But there's a certain trend of over hyping their work.

At 1:35 PM , Blogger Isam Bayazidi said...

One should mention some facts that explain the numbers:
- PhotoBucket is not a photo-sharing service, but a photo storage one.. all images in eBay (for items to sell, etc..) and MySpace (the very popular community site) are hosted in PhotoBucket as per Business-to-Business agreement between eBay/MySpace and Photobucket
- Webshots is as well not a photo-sharing site, main reason for it's popularity is a desktop application that uploads a random windows background everyday for thousends of computers. It is mainly a "Random Windows Background"application with a site
- Other sites mentioned are not "Photo-Sharing" sites.. ImageShack is "Photo Hosting Service"

So, saying that Flickr is #6 in photo-sharing, and listing non-photo-sharing sites at topping it won't be accurate..

At 4:18 PM , Anonymous ahmad Humeid said...

It's important to consider how young Flickr is. I agree with Isam, including all these other 'photo' sites in the comparison.

I mean how many of those listed hve (or had) RSS feeds. How many of them enable direct blogging of phots. How many allow conversations and groups to happen around photos.

Flickr, while it is attracting competition, is still pretty much in a class of its own.

Qwaider: I am afraid what you're saying is really incorrect. Flickr has nothing to do with Google. Flickr was started as an independent company called Ludicorp. It was acquired by Yahoo last year. Google have no photo sharing product. They only have image search and the desktop based Picasa photo management product.

Sure, Yahoo compete with Google on many levels. Butt Flickr is not a "competing technology to Google".

At 5:18 PM , Blogger Isam Bayazidi said...

Infact Ahmed, Google does have a "Photo Sharing" system cooked.. Picasa Web.. it is still private beta.. take a look at my account in it:

At 6:59 PM , Anonymous Rebecca said...

I'm not surprised that Kodak beat flickr. Kodak is primarily marketed towards printing photos. In the US, I can upload my photos, select the ones I want printed, and they are printed (by Kodak) and delivered within 2 days. The only reason they have "sharing" is to increase their market-- i.e. to get Grandma and Aunt Hellen to buy a copy of your kids' photos too.

At 11:41 PM , Anonymous Qwaider قويدر said...

Actually Ahmad, Google is basically competing with anyone and everyone that makes software. From tiny apps to CRM. And they're doing a great job at it, using thier search as core for all the technologies that build on top.
There was a special on NBC few nights ago about the couple who founded Flickr, one of the most amazing success stories. They have some fantastic ideas.


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