Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Safe OS environments, including mobile devices

If PC downtime in corporations is the major result of virus attacks, imagine how mobile viruses could cause mobile network downtime and how damaging that could be to all facets of economic life. The threat of mobile viruses is real and even more hazardous than PCs.

To begin with, the number of mobiles in any society is much larger than computers, so the potential to hit more users is much higher; then, there the aspect of 'spreading-power' which is also significantly higher due to the ease with which people exchange messages and information over their mobile, plus the problem of lack of awareness at this moment. Ignorance, after all, is the best ally of viruses.

So, what's being done to counter this problem? To begin with, phone manufacturers and anti-virus companies have been working together for some time now to create antidotes and to educate the public.

The media has started to talk about mobile security threats, including viruses, worms and trojans. As of yet, though, the public does not see it as a major threat and therefore isn't insisting on or adopting anti-virus measures.

The only viable solution is to have anti-virus software built into every phone operating system.
Symbian OS is getting that soon, as major Symbian-based phone manufacturers like Nokia, Siemens, Ericcsson and others work towards that goal.

As for phones running Windows Mobile, such as the i-mate series, there's been a lot of activity recently in this direction.

Computer Associates (CA) has announced its eTrust Antivirus software for i-mate users which provides protection, and regular updates.

i-mate has taken the initiative to ensure that every i-mate PDAs and smartphones in it's next generation products will come pre-installed with CA's eTrust Antivirus software.

As for existing i-mate device users, there will be an option to download the software from i-mate’s website for a small fee.

Corporate and personal data now reside on users mobiles and as phones turn into mobile computing devices this need will grow. Sooner or later, PC and mobile device viruses will be inter-changeable just like many file formats that users run on their office PCs and phones!

It is crucial to secure and protect mobile infrastructures across the world, including our region.
If mobile viruses have a similar impact to PC worms, then the real danger will be the downtime and network malfunction which will disrupt whole economies and societies.

Not securing the mobile domain can only be hazardous to the digital lifestyle and business environments. That's something no one wants to see.

Working towards a safe operating systems environment, across all digital domains is a top priority.
We, mobile device users should be part of that movement. Get more knowledge about it and secure your mobile.


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