Monday, May 25, 2009

Queen Rania is now Twitter-ing too

Her Majesty Queen Rania has been utilizing ‘new media tools’ to communicate her messages regarding topics she adopts such as economic and social development, equality for women, educational opportunities and others.

Apart from the well publicized YouTube Channel, which won Her Majesty plaudits across the world and now boasts nearly 3,000 subscribers and millions of views on some videos, Her Majesty has also had a Facebook profile for some time now with over 30,000 fans and is now also quite active on Twitter too!

The World Economic Forum, held at the Dead Sea last week, attracted global attention to Jordan and to Her Majesty’s Twitter-ing. In fact, Her Majesty conducted an interview on Twitter, with questions and answers being within the 140 character limit that Twitter allows. You can see this interview at Her Majesty’s Twitter profile (

Her Majesty answers questions from the “general public” via her Twitter account (@QueenRania), and seeing as she can’t answer all the questions received, around 40 of them were put to a public vote, of which Her Majesty replied to the top five questions.

The rather frank questions selected touched on somewhat sensitive topics such as Jordanian-Palestinian relations, but mostly covered social equality, education and technology, and promoting greater understanding between East and West.

Her Majesty’s efforts to communicate through social media must be commended. Social media is probably the most efficient means of communication in the 21st century, to promote greater understanding of Arabs and Muslims, in a time when predjudice exists online and offline. What better or more powerful tool is there to convey positive messages, and fight against negative propoaganda. I believe we all have a responsibiluty to utilize such tools. Let’s get started, and follow Her Majesty’s lead!


At 12:38 PM , Anonymous Ibn Tulkarem said...

Cool stuff! but I have one misgiving. I've always thought the point of celebrity twittering is to stay in touch with fans and admirers and followers. In the Queen's case, that's her people, us the Jordanians. And since the majority of Jordanians do not read, speak or write English, I am missing the point of Royal Twittering in English. But she can't lose sight of her number one priority, staying in touch with us the Jordanian people. Nevertheless, I do admire her sense of innovation and willingness to embrace tools of modern mass communications. I think she was first before Obama to exploit the web for PR and campaigning. Go Jordan!!

At 2:41 PM , Blogger Zeid Nasser said...

Thanks for your comment Ibn Tulkarem.

Well, as I have stated, the main goal as I see it is to convey a positive message about Jordan to the world, which means the language of communication would be English.
Her Majesty also has several ongoing initiatives that 'locally connect' with her people, in Arabic. Just look at Ahel Il Himah.
This Twitter page activity was for the World Economic Forum, for which the audience is clearly 'the world'.


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