Monday, July 20, 2009

A quarter of a billion users on Facebook!

The Facebook phenomena continues, with 50 million people signing up on to Facebook in the last three months, bringing the grand total to over 250 Million active users!

The means that approximately 4 percent of the world’s population (Around 6.70 billion) is now registered on Facebook. If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth most populous after China, India and the United States.

Back in April, Facebook announced that it had crossed 200 million active users.
It also took around three months to grow from 150 million to 200 million before. So, it seems growth remains consistent.

Supporting Facebook’s massive growth, which is yet to yield profits, has been a major issue for Facebook management. But, a Russian-based investor came to the rescue. Digital Sky Technologies invested $200 million and the social network now has the funds to keep going, and to serve this massive online population.

Facebook is experimenting with various services that could generate revenue. For example, Facebook Connect lets external sites use Facebook login credentials and some profile data. It has been a success, and Facebook now plans to build a powerful advertising network around it.

Also, Facebook is considering launching a “virtual currency system” which could be a very lucrative product. There are more ideas, but for now all the focus is on acquiring and serving users.

Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, sums it up saying, “For us, growing to 250 million users isn't just an impressive number; it is a mark of how many personal connections all of you have made, and how far we at Facebook have to go to extend the power of connection to the billions of people around the world.”

It’s clear he’s not done yet, and is planning for the next quarter billion Facebook-ers. Millions of them will probably come from our region, now that Facebook offers an Arabic interface. Already, the majority of ‘online Arabs’ are aware of Facebook, and other social networks.

Social networking is a global revolution, and it spans all age groups, breaking communication boundaries of the past, and some cultural norms. The Arab World will never be the same.


At 11:31 PM , Blogger Ali MetalHead said...

I love facebook, It's really a revolution, But what MARK should do is actually listen to the users of the website concerning all the issues that matter to them, They need to be comfortable with it's layout so they can use the website more easily.

But it's a addictive website, People complain but keep on using it, Because it's the best way to stay in touch with everyone, And it's for sure the best way to know about the hottest events in town.


At 1:46 PM , Blogger Zeid Nasser said...

Thank You Ali for your comment.

About this post, it's actually my article that I publish in The Star newspaper (a Jordanian weekly, published every Monday); as are almost all the the other posts.

So I wrote this :)

And regarding 'sources', clearly the source is the Facebook statement which they sent out as PR on their blog. And all news organizations and journalists are free to use official PR in their stories.

This blog is where I publish what I write in magazines and newspapers. I don't normally re-publish a post from another blog or site here.

I have been a blogger for over 5 years, and a journalist for 18 years. So, obviously, if I had not written this, I would link back to the source.

Thanks again for your comment.

At 11:44 PM , Blogger Ali MetalHead said...

Sorry dude i didn't mean to doubt you like this, I didn't know you write for the STAR, If i knew i wouldn't have said what i said :


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